Newport RI: The Series Interview with Bill Heydt

Newport, RI: The Series is an idea, born from a gallery viewing of artist, William Heydt's, "Newportant People", watercolor series of paintings. The people who were in the paintings were there that night. Each painting became bolder and more vibrant as I spoke with the people and actually saw their personalities come to life in these colorful, detailed paintings. Later, as I reflected on the paintings, each character came to life -- their story on canvas. What were they really like in person, where did they live, what were their family dynamics? 

The following is a synopsis of this idea which took on a life of its own as it grew into a potential series for television -- what if we took those stories, brought them to life -- actually bring a piece of art to life, and then share it. Matching the paintings with fictional characters and stories allows us to drawn in an audience and keep them coming back. With over 150 paintings in this series, the story lines are an endless source of inspiration.