Watercolors: The First Book


'Heydt Captures Pulse of Newport' |  In his first book 'Watercolors', Heydt captures the moods of Newport in all seasons.  In ”Winter Chill at Bowen’s Basin, 1998″ a black sailboat hunkers in against amidst the docks eight its mass appeared to shiver in the glacial light.  "View from The Bistro early Spring” shows a sweep of the harbor and tilted mast through unfurling buds. “Adians of Newport on a wet spring afternoon, 1999″ catches the reflection of spring pastels on the slick street before the restaurant. “Relaxing at the ABC on a perfect day, Summer 1998″ shows patrons lulled by the sun and sea, lost in summer’s trance. The stark light of late fall is reflected off the water in “Recovery motors down the Narragansett 1998.”  |  Sylvia Smith