Photographs | Heydt has shot photographs in locations all over the world.  A sleeper in ” Swans, Hamburg, Germany, 1977″ is getting a scolding from a swan, the sleepers grizzled beard stands in marked contrast to the elegant plumage of the birds floating below, “Mud Wrestlers, Harvest Fair, Norman Bird Sanctuary, Middletown R.I.  1998″  surprises two boys transformed by the battle and grime. In “For Sale by the Sheet, or at grand central station, 1992,” two enterprising crooks, who have stolen the toilet paper in a Grand Central Station rest room, mug for the camera.  They are selling that TP, by the sheet, to those hapless ones trapped in the stalls.  There is a comic sense to many of the shots such as ” Circus Duty, Providence, R.I., 1971″ where an alert attendant stands ready with a trash can near the derriere of an elephant.