Newportant People too


Newportant People Too |  What a pleasure to see our friends, coming out to greet us from William Heydt’s works! Every one of his images is full of zest. Leaping forward from the pages are portraits endowed with a life-like excitement. Heydt reaches their very being with his depictions. The most wonderful part is they are portrayed in customary surroundings, caught at work or resting in the middle of whatever occupies them. Art is a wonderful experience, especially when it relates individually to us. In the portrait William did of me the sky is make up of just a few dashed stripes of blue. The bridge is suggested with utmost brevity. My dog looks out from her quick image, but everything rings true. He has successfully fashioned a world of people, completely at ease in their environment, drawn quickly with their essences brilliantly captured. It is not very often we find a true artist. They are rare individuals, sometimes hard to recognize, because usually we are not ready for their vision. In William Heydt’s case, we are ready, because his vision makes ours clearer; his search for meaning is with in us all. What more can you say of an artist than he has made us see in a way we have never seen before. | Richard Grosvenor