“A wish comes true” makes a splash on New Year’s Day, First Beach 50 cm x 39 cm.jpg
“Semper Paratus” - “Always There, Always Ready” - Lt. Luciw of the R.I. Army National Guard 53 cm x 40.5 cm.jpg
“The artist and his model” James Langston works with Andrea in his studio, Newport 54 cm x 45 cm.jpg
A very pregnant Rhonda enjoys a carriage ride through Newport with Tommy and Emmie 37 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Alicia, Liz and Bernadette take a break for a Deli’s lemonade, Second Beach, Middletown 35.5 cm x 41.5 cm.jpg
All aboard Arabella, summer in Newport 54 cm x 36 cm.jpg
All-American cobbler George Koulouvardis of Newport 36 cm x 48 cm.jpg
Amelia Corbett 30 cm x 56 cm.jpg
An exhausted Mark relaxes as Allison continues to do all the work 32 cm x 35.5 cm.jpg
Ann and Jack Twomey, Miantonomi Park, Newport 37 cm x 51 cm.jpg
Annabelles of Newport 43 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Answering the call, New York City 48 cm x 72 cm.jpg
Arborist Max Baer with assistant Kim Trabucchi, Freebody Street, Newport 39 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Artist Rupert Nesbitt visualizes verbal dissent 42 cm x 55.5 cm.jpg
Auctioneer Mike Corcoran in Act II of...“and now for the better of the two paintings” 39 cm x 39 cm.jpg
Barry and his truck, Summer 1998 29 cm x 45.5 cm.jpg
Bart Dunbar, the visionary leader for the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry 57 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Ben Butler at home in his studio, Newport 40 cm x 48.5 cm.jpg
Bernadette at breakfast, Letting Cafe, Amsterdam 42 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Bernadette checks out her new stick of Ruby Red as Davide searches for J Crew 51 cm x 39 cm.jpg
Bernadette enjoys her magazine as the elevated bridge stops traffic, Palm Beach 38 cm x 37.5 cm.jpg
Bernadette has a private class with yoga instructor Kirsten Zettmar 14 cm x 15 cm.jpg
Bernadette hugs Sammy while onboard Star with Sam and Pearl 35.5 cm x 38 cm.jpg
Bernadette’s collection, Spring 1999 38 cm x 38 cm.jpg
Bill Jaklin in his studio, Newport 42 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Bill Vareika at home in his gallery on Bellevue 41 cm x 49 cm.jpg
Billy Rose reflects at the Redwood, Newport 32 cm x 50 cm.jpg
Boerenmarkt op de Noorder Markt, Jordaan, Amsterdam 56 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Boulangerie Obelix, afternoon sun, Spring 1999 16 cm x 17 cm.jpg
Brian Ingersall and Matt Flinn of Waste Management, Newport 37 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Brian Pelletier adds another gas lamp to Newport’s historic Pelham Street 42 cm x 57 cm.jpg
Candida Simmons at home with her camera 36 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Captain Charles Duncan at home in his shop 35 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Captain David McCurdy with Staff of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation 40 cm x 59 cm.jpg
Captain Peter Warburton reviews plans for his ship model, Bowen’s Wharf, Newport 42 cm x 44 cm.jpg
Captain Thorpe Leeson of the continental sloop Providence with crew Sam, James and Nichole 42 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Caring for our Community, Child & Family services 35 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Charles and Liz Laurin with Oreo, Adam and Joe. Gold’s Auto Recycling, Middletown 42 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Charles Roberts with kids from his First Night Newport’s Arts Program 39 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Charlotte visits Wild Acre, Newport 40 cm x 53 cm.jpg
Colleen McGrath, columnist, poses at First Beach, Newport 39 cm x 53 cm.jpg
Colonel Robert S. Edenbach with members of the Artillery Company of Newport 42 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Curators of Redwoon Library, Newport 39 cm x 50 cm.jpg
Dan heads to the North Fork on the South Ferry 40.5 cm x 35.5 cm.jpg
Dan takes a break while Schooner studies the plans for Scout 40 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Daughters, Tessa and Ivory help Rosie design another creation at Rosamund Exotics, Newport 50.5 cm x 41.5 cm.jpg
David, au jardin du Palais Royal, le printemps, Paris 38 cm x 53 cm.jpg
Debbie Watkins and manager Michael Thomas with associates at the Bellevue Avenue Stop & Shop, Newport 41 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Delta Force mesmermizes the spectators at The Quonset Point Air Show 43cmx 40cm.jpg
Director of The Newport Music Festival, Dr. Mark P. Malkovich III 10 cm x 11 cm.jpg
Doctor Orest Zaklynsky M.D., Surgeon, Newport Hospital 39 cm x 53 cm.jpg
Dominic J. Calarco, President, Island Gun Shop Inc., Portsmouth 40 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Dory and her dog at Wild Acre, Newport 37 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Dr. Ernest Violet and family at home, Jamestown 40 cm x 48 cm.jpg
Dr. Ernest Violet and family, at home in Jamestown 48 cm x 39.5 cm.jpg
Edith, Rosemary and John celebrate the family holiday on July 4th 40.5 cm x 40.5 cm.jpg
Elizabeth E. Mayer, founder of IYRS, with husband Michael McCaffry, Restoration Hall, Newport 40 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Eric and Ali playing in the snow, Jamestown 38 cm x 38 cm.jpg
Eric au jardin du Luxembourg en hiver a Paris 56 cm x 38 cm.jpg
Eric builds a “Snow Bunny” after a late storm on a chilly Spring day - Jamestown, R.I. 43 cm x 48 cm.jpg
Eric in the dunking booth, Oktobefest, Norman Bird Sanctuary, Fall 1998 38 cm x 53.5 cm.jpg
Eric sails Newport, Summer 1998 35.5 cm x 44.5 cm.jpg
Eric with host Tom Erb, on WADK talking the Newport Art Scene 36 cm x 57 cm.jpg
Eric with Juan and Autumn on the very very last of the Opera House Cinema, Newport 38 cm x 57 cm.jpg
Fall breezes chill the air as an artist works - Pont au Double, Paris 51 cm x 40.5 cm.jpg
Family Portrait 41 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Five-O is at home behind the bar at the Clarke Cooke House, Newport 33 cm x 60 cm.jpg
Frankie serves up lunch to “Table 3” at Ocean Coffee Roasters, Washington Square, Newport 40 cm x 40 cm.jpg
Fun shops and good restuarants draw a summer crowd to Bannisters Wharf, Newport 35.5 cm x 44.5 cm.jpg
G. Brian Sullivan, Newport’s Doctor of Love 53 cm x 37.5 cm.jpg
Gabrielle Tigan and Elizabeth Ribera of Newport 31 cm x 48 cm.jpg
Gary Hooks takes five after a busy shift with Joel, Tina and Rachel at the Handy in Newport 39 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Getting help at the Contractor’s Desk, The Home Depot, Middletown 56 cm x 40 cm.jpg
Gimpy sits proudly on his motorcycle in front of a favorite hangout 38.5 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Gloria Nagy at home in her Newport office 38 cm x 47 cm.jpg
Heather Abbott at home in Newport 48 cm x 69 cm.jpg
Helen Ives prepares another building permit, City Hall, Newport 40 cm x 47 cm.jpg
Hot Dog stand on Houston, New York City 34 cm x 45 cm.jpg
Hot dogs and soda sell well on the street outside the Metropolitan Museum, New York 35.5 cm x 38.5 cm.jpg
ichie and Sammy Backman, Army and Navy Surplus, Thames Street, Newport 39 cm x 54 cm.jpg
J. Daniel Knerr, Chef de Cuisine, The Black Pearl, Newport 42 cm x 50 cm.jpg
J. Laurens Schalekamp 41 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Jack Doyle backs in the Diesel for an island tour, Summer 1998 35.5 cm x 53 cm.jpg
Jamestown waterfront, Fall 1997 30.5 cm x 20.5 cm.jpg
Janet unloads her catch at Bowen’s Wharf, Newport 47.5 cm x 31 cm.jpg
Jay Christman forges and fabricates in his studio, Newport 57 cm x 42.5 cm.jpg
Jim Currier, Antique Bookbinder, Newport 37 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Jim Estis at work, Estis Twombly Architects, Newport 40 cm x 59 cm.jpg
Jim Gillis at his desk at the Newport Daily News 40 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Jim McGrath, Musician and Songwriter, Bridgefest, Newport 53 cm x 70 cm.jpg
Joe checks the final shade of white while Lisa, Sean and Peter look busy 39.5 cm x 52.5 cm.jpg
John “Fud” Benson in his Newport studio 40 cm x 53 cm.jpg
John J Kroha at home in Narragansett in Harbour Island 38 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Johnny “Mac” McGowan in his studio on Bellevue, Newport 40 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Jonna Reed at work with Jamie and Bella, Middletown Self Storage 56 cm x 80 cm.jpg
Joya Hoyt lounges on her porch with Tuki 37 cm x 53 cm.jpg
Katrina’s Bakery, Newport 48 cm x 83 cm.jpg
Keith Stokes at the headstone of Violet Hammond, God’s Little Acre, Farewell Street, Newport 39 cm x 50 cm.jpg
Ken Goyette, at home at The Midway, The Clarke Cooke House, Newport 85 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Komes Roses surveys the hungry crowds on First Beach from his famous clam shack 48 cm x 40 cm.jpg
Last Call at Billy Goodes, August 28 2013, Newport 53 cm x 70 cm.jpg
Leon Cooper at his desk at Brown University 88 cm x 51 cm.jpg
Leonard Panaggio at his desk in his Newport home 38 cm x 44 cm.jpg
LeRoy White at home in his studio, Newport 39 cm x 47 cm.jpg
Les Journées du Patrimoine teach restoration techniques - Ile de la Cité, Paris 48 cm x 35 cm.jpg
Les lapins sont en ventes au marché en plein air, Paris 56 cm x 36 cm.jpg
Lisa finds the money, at home, on the point in Newport 36 cm x 50 cm.jpg
Lisa Randall with members of the Island Arts Camera Club, Newport 8 cm x 18 cm.jpg
Lou and Denise D’Amico with Colin, at the Newport Farmer’s Market 43 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Louis and Nicholas Parascandolo, Perry Mill Wharf, Newport 38 cm x 50 cm.jpg
M. Mohwa adds the finishing touches as tourists pass by - Montmarte, Paris 43 cm x 37 cm.jpg
Maggie is that you? Maggie, Melanie and Ashlin-three generations of artists and divas 40 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Mario Gonzalez with his son David, Coristine Locksmith, Newport 55 cm x 38 cm.jpg
Mark has “been there, done it, seen that, and bought everything” 56 cm x 40.5 cm.jpg
Mark maps the route as Allison steers the course 48 cm x 35.5 cm.jpg
Mary Salas with sons Jose and Junior at Salas Restaurant, Newport 43 cm x 49 cm.jpg
Matt Quinn and Kia with Richard on base, Greenvale Vineyards, Portsmouth 40 cm x 44 cm.jpg
Matther Kroha at home with nature in Brewster 50 cm x 83 cm.jpg
Matty, Maria and Tatianna cool off in the Brewster pool on July 4th 48 cm x 35 cm.jpg
Maurice Margolis, proprietor of Sig’s Deli, Newport 42 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Memorial Boulevard Farmer’s Market, Newport 31 cm x 44 cm.jpg
Michael Healy, confessions of a Newport actor 40 cm x 59 cm.jpg
Mickey relaxes on Schooner on C Deck 40.5 cm x 38 cm.jpg
Miki Ohlsen with cast members of the Newport Nutcracker of Rosecliff 39 cm x 47 cm.jpg
Molten glass takes shape in the hands of Natasha Harrison, Anchor Bend Glassworks, Newport 40 cm x 52.5 cm.jpg
Mrs Donald “Harley” Tinney poses in the ballroom during the winter solstice, Belcourt Castle, Newport 40 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Ms. Vicky Flaherty with Mathew Berse and Lauren Allard, the Class of ‘07, Prudence Island Schoolhouse 52 cm x 37 cm.jpg
Muriel Barclay de Tolly at home among her works 38 cm x 45 cm.jpg
Nancy Whipple Grinnel, Curator, Newport Art Museum 39 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Neil Coffey with son Billy, Coffey’s Service Station, Newport 41 cm x 50 cm.jpg
Newport Polar Bears, First beach, January 1st 38 cm x 57 cm.jpg
Newport’s Joe Jarvis mans the ticket booth at the Jane Pickens Theatre, Newport 36 cm x 51 cm.jpg
On this day, July 4th 2011, this good people of Rhode Island, gathered together at the Colony House 55 cm x 80 cm.jpg
Pastors Steve and Mary Robinson with family, New Beginnings Praise and Worship Center, Newport 38 cm x 51 cm.jpg
Patrick crosses Mott Street, New York City 43 cm x 79 cm.jpg
Paul Fitzgerald, captain of Rebecca 37 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Penguin Plunge on a frigid New Year’s Day, Jamestown, Winter 1999 38 cm x 38 cm.jpg
Pitcher Perfect, Newport’s Katie Rodriguez, Fall Ball at Wellington Field, Newport 30 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Producer Charlie Berluti poses with Director Bob Poniatowski 37 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Raymond “Joe” Cawley Jr. with crew on Pelham St 39 cm x 39 cm.jpg
Relaxing at the ABC on a perfect day, Summer 1998 18 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Remington Reese styles Rosemary’s ‘do at Natural Creations, Newport 9 cm x 12 cm.jpg
Reverend Amy Bowden Freedman, Minister, Channing Memorial Church, Newport 36 cm x 57 cm.jpg
Richard Grosvenor paints Ida Lewis on a bright winter’s day 51 cm x 41 cm.jpg
Richard Hart 46 cm x 15 cm.jpg
Richard Hatch, Survivor, Second Beach 44 cm x 71 cm.jpg
Richard Kelly relaxes with bartender Paul Boardman and Anastasia at Benjamin’s in Newport 40 cm x 48 cm.jpg
Richard Saul Wurman, at home among his works 41 cm x 41 cm.jpg
Roger and Maritne serve up The Last Supper at La Petite Auberge, New Year’s Eve, 2002 38 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Ron Alves breaks ground on Burnside Avenue with helpers Ralphael and Joe 40 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Ronnie holds down the fort at Aquidneck Lobster, Newport 53.5 cm x 39 cm.jpg
Ronnie’s office at Aquidneck Lobster, Newport 34 cm x 35.5 cm.jpg
Rosemary at home with Christmas 42 cm x 39 cm.jpg
Rosemary sits by the fuel dock, Newport 27 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Rosie, Ying Ying, Buddha Boy and MIsha in Newport 37 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Sam and Bernadette enjoy harvest treats at the Norman Birds Sanctary, Middletown 56.5 cm x 35.5 cm.jpg
Sam on the balcony of The Beach Club, Palm Beach 40 cm x 45 cm.jpg
Sam tries out the lifegaurd chair at The Beach Club, Florida 33 cm x 34.5 cm.jpg
Sam untangles her wet hair on a hot hazy day - The Beach Club, Florida 46 cm x 46 cm.jpg
Sam, Eric and Bernadette take an early morning stroll on the beach, Florida 51 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Sam, Second Beach, sunset 30 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Samantha and her new red gloves, Norde Markt, Amsterdam 40 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Samantha dan le metro Abbesses, Quartier Montmartre, Summer of ‘06 28 cm x 49 cm.jpg
Samantha lounges at The Beach Club, Palm Beach 40 cm x 51.5 cm.jpg
Samantha, Second Beach, Sunrise 38 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Sarah and Albert help prepare another fine meal at Restaurant Bouchard 33 cm x 60 cm.jpg
Sarah Thompson, Anchor Steam Tattoo Parlour, Newport 41 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Saucy Silvia with husband and manager, Michael Mureddu, The Beechwood Mansion, Newport 38 cm x 51 cm.jpg
Sea Captains carousing in Surinam, reenactment at the White Horse, Newport 88 cm x 49 cm.jpg
Seamstress Mrs Johnson of the Viking Cleaners, Newport 36 cm x 57 cm.jpg
Sid Abbruzzi, pauses between waves, Marine Avenue, Newport 35 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Some of Newport’s bravest at Station One, Newport 42 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Some of Newport’s finest 36 cm x 30 cm.jpg
Sunday Brunch with Peter Mellekas and Company, Salvation Cafe, Newport 42 cm x 50 cm.jpg
Tadd, Jake snd Barry pose after a long day of painting on Pelham street 35 cm x 49.5 cm.jpg
Texting in the Degas room at the Met, New York City 38 cm x 30 cm.jpg
Thanksgiving day parade, New York City 29 cm x 46 cm.jpg
The Bliss Family, Newport 52 cm x 59 cm.jpg
The crew of Jonathan’s Ocean Coffee Roasters, Washington Square, Newport 53 cm x 68 cm.jpg
The Dobbins Family 45 cm x 41 cm.jpg
The honorable Richard Sardella, Mayor of Newport 2000-2005 41 cm x 56 cm.jpg
The Kilroys prepare with the waitstaff on One Pelham East for Saint Patrick’s Day 42 cm x 42 cm.jpg
The Langstons of Newport 37 cm x 58 cm.jpg
The Producer 37 cm x 57 cm.jpg
The sun slowly sets on the last day of the millennium, as it’s light shines brightly on the future 40 cm x 56 cm.jpg
The team behind Rhode Island’s newest Tall Ship, SSV Oliver Hazard Perry 37 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Timothy Philbrick, Furniture Designer and Maker 36 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Tom Deininger and Family, Tomasso, Alessandro, Baby Cristo, MR and El-Ro 48 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Tom Deininger stands amidst his palette in his studio, Fall River 39 cm x 59 cm.jpg
Tommaso, Miriam, Andrea e Carlo, la famiglia Pietrangeli, Calcata, Italy 35 cm x 56 cm.jpg
Tommy Sears and Cosmo at The Patriot Shop, The Congregational Church, Newport 39 cm x 50 cm.jpg
Veronique and Francoise, le printemps pres de la mit de la croix, France 37 cm x 25 cm.jpg
W. Edward Christiansen in his Antique Clock Restoration Shop, Newport 40 cm x 45 cm.jpg
Watching the America’s Cup Trials from Fort Adams, Newport 80 cm x 54 cm.jpg
Windy sail on Star, Sam, Irene, Pearl and Steve, No. 1, Fall 1998 38 cm x 37 cm.jpg
Windy sail on Star, Sam, Irene, Pearl and Steve, No. 2, Fall 1998 38 cm x 38 cm.jpg