“Doughboys” open for business 40.5 cm x 45.5 cm.jpg
A barge and a boat glide together down the Seine, Paris 47.5 cm x 32.5 cm.jpg
A brisk wind and melting snow mark the end of winter in Newport 35.5 cm x 38 cm.jpg
A choppy Seine makes for a fun ride on the Bateau Mouche - Paris 40.5 cm x 50.5 cm.jpg
A curious Coco waits to play in the snow, Touro Park, Newport 50 cm x 38 cm.jpg
A cyclist and auto collide on la rue de Bellechasse, Paris 46.5 cm x 39.5 cm.jpg
A full load of sand heads down the Senie, Paris 40.5 cm x 26.5 cm.jpg
A heavy wet snow blankets Bannister’s Wharf, January in Newport 42 cm x 37.5 cm.jpg
A January snow blankets Bowen’s Wharf, Newport 40 cm x 40 cm.jpg
A moped accident, boulevard Raspail, Paris 36 cm x 44.5 cm.jpg
A P.O.W. *M.I.A. outpost on the mall, Washinton, D.C. 45 cm x 60 cm.jpg
A September sun illuminates the boat tender’s stand, No. 1 - The Tuileries pond, Paris 36 cm x 44.5 cm.jpg
A September sun illuminates the boat tender’s stand, No. 2 - The Tuileries pond, Paris 40.5 cm x 51 cm.jpg
A soft snow blankets a serene Trinity 46 cm x 38 cm.jpg
A spring horse sits idle on a bright winter’s day 35.5 cm x 38 cm.jpg
A triumphant Joan of Arc stands guard on la rue de Rivoli, Paris 43 cm x 40.5 cm.jpg
Afternoon light in summer traffic, 1998 20.5 cm x 53.5 cm.jpg
Aidan’s of Newport on a wet spring afternoon, 1999 35.5 cm x 38 cm.jpg
An afternoon sets on wild acre, Ocean Avenue, Newport 75 cm x 47 cm.jpg
An All American rest stop welcomes motorists, Rt. 95, North Carolina 21 cm x 50 cm.jpg
An anthrax scare closes down Bellevue Avenue, Newport, Fall ‘01 46 cm x 34.5 cm.jpg
Blue whale on Second Beach, dissection with back-hoe, No. 1 - Middletown 35.5 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Blue whale on Second Beach, dissection with back-hoe, No. 4 - Middletown 16.5 cm x 51 cm.jpg
Blue whale on Second Beach, dissection with backhoe, No. 2, Winter 1998 28 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Boulangerie Obelix, afternoon sun, Spring 1999 40.5 cm x 43 cm.jpg
Brawn approaches the Grid 34 cm x 58 cm.jpg
Brawn under Yas Hotel Bridge 53 cm x 40 cm.jpg
Cafe Zelda, late day clouds and sun, Winter 1998 26.5 cm x 30.5 cm.jpg
Capt. Carl W. Bolender sits abroad the S.S. Hurricane Gloria - Long Wharf, Newport 40.5 cm x 44 cm.jpg
Chicane 48 cm x 37 cm.jpg
Cool breezes mark an early Spring day, Bannister’s Wharf, 1998 18 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Curious boys cautiously approach a Sikorsky Sea-King - Quonset Point Air Show 30.5 cm x 44 cm.jpg
Early morning sun after a rain, Washington Square, Fall 1997 19 cm x 35.5 cm.jpg
Elm Street, Newport 35 cm x 48 cm.jpg
Eric visits a photo booth at the Palm Beach Mall 40 cm x 47.5 cm.jpg
Ferrari ‘09 51 cm x 36 cm.jpg
Ferrari at Mubadala Turn 53 cm x 41 cm.jpg
Ferrari at Yas Hotel 43 cm x 43 cm.jpg
Ferrari on Abu Dhabi track 69 cm x 48 cm.jpg
Ferrari passes under the Yas Hotel 73 cm x 53 cm.jpg
Ferrari Pit Stop 54 cm x 40 cm.jpg
Five dollars-all-day parking behind the Old Colony House 30.5 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Force India in the paddock 51 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Formula One Volunteers in Abu Dhabi 53 cm x 40 cm.jpg
Franklin Spa, Newport 42 cm x 33 cm.jpg
From the roof of The Firehouse, Young St., Winter 1998 26.5 cm x 56 cm.jpg
J.T.’s Ship Chandlery, Thames Street, Winter 1998 20 cm x 45.5 cm.jpg
Keeping cool in the shade of an F-15 - Quonset Point Air Show 30.5 cm x 44 cm.jpg
McLaren on a charge 50 cm x 43 cm.jpg
Mott Street, New York City 36 cm x 36 cm.jpg
Newspaper Depot on America’s Cup Avenue, afternoon sun, Fall 1997 28 cm x 38 cm.jpg
Night lights on Bellevue, Newport 32 cm x 55 cm.jpg
Parking cones delineate spaces in front of the Tennis Hall of Fame - Newport, R.I. 39.5 cm x 48 cm.jpg
Passing a Palm Beach gas station on a warm winter’s afternoon 33.5 cm x 49.5 cm.jpg
Preparations for the season, a cloudy Washington Square, Winter 1998 33 cm x 53.5 cm.jpg
Prepare to qualify 55 cm x 43 cm.jpg
Private Parking, Bowen’s Wharf 40 cm x 28 cm.jpg
Rainy reflections of the Perry Mill, Winter 1998 23 cm x 30.5 cm.jpg
Recent restorations at the IYRS 38 cm x 40.5 cm.jpg
Red Barrels at Bowen’s Wharf, Spring 1998 33 cm x 51 cm.jpg
Red Bull 52 cm x 39 cm.jpg
Ryan’s and The Pelham on Thames, Spring 1998 24 cm x 53.5 cm.jpg
Schooner on Recovery, Bowen’s Wharf, Winter 1998 30.5 cm x 20.5 cm.jpg
Scorching afternoon at The Atlantic Beach Club, Summer 1998 30.5 cm x 50 cm.jpg
Scrimshaw shop sellout - Newport 30.5 cm x 53.5 cm.jpg
Sidestepping slush after a storm - Thames Street, Newport 40.5 cm x 40.5 cm.jpg
The Benjamin Marsh House, damp afternoon light, Fall 1997 23 cm x 29 cm.jpg
The Bounty visits Newport, Bannister’s Wharf, Spring 1998 44.5 cm x 38 cm.jpg
The Clarke Cooke House, deserted winter day, 1998 35.5 cm x 43 cm.jpg
The Dinner Train departs on a sunset tour of Aquidneck Island 40.5 cm x 40.5 cm.jpg
The Magnificent Musée d”Orsay - Paris 40.5 cm x 44 cm.jpg
The Matisse room at the Metropolitan Museum, New York City 49 cm x 35 cm.jpg
The Music Hall and Benjamin’s on Thames, Spring 1998 35.5 cm x 52 cm.jpg
Time Square at dusk, New York City 31 cm x 51 cm.jpg
Un kiosque â journaux, blvd. du Palais, Ile de la Cité, Paris 38 cm x 48.5 cm.jpg
Un marché en plain air commence avec les marchands des fleurs, le printemps, Paris 40 cm x 43 cm.jpg
Un poissonnerie au marché, ave. du Président Wilson, Paris 37.5 cm x 49 cm.jpg
Under the lights 53 cm x 34 cm.jpg
Une camionnette de service se gare prés du musée d”Orsay, Paris 39 cm x 37.5 cm.jpg
Vettel Signing 55 cm x 30 cm.jpg
Via Via on Thames, Winter 1998 37 cm x 25.5 cm.jpg
View from The Bistro, early Spring 1998 38 cm x 42 cm.jpg
Winter chill at Bowen’s Basin, 1998 25.5 cm x 28 cm.jpg